August 31, 2017

8: Processing

We are processing y'all. The process: Chicken nuggets, mixed vegetables, applesauce. "Yes, and…"

Unlike the artistic process, which has a definite beginning, middle and ending, life's process isn't like that. We talk about "Ya Mama!" (No, not your mama, Nina's play).

*WARNING* We get loud at unexpected moments in this episode, PLEASE keep your fingers near the volume control. We talk about Katrina and Harvey. Nina has words, sometimes they are hard to find. New Orleans comes pouring out her mouth, she might sound different. Kenya likes chocolate and wine. Nina writes a poem. Kenya coins a term "SG: Sex is Good"  Let the daddies daddy. Shout out to, "All the Single mommies, all the single mommies…" We bring race into it (when do we not?)…Do we need to have an episode about the devil in children's media? Nina & Jonathan get a date. #grapefruit

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