September 17, 2017

10: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

IT'S KENYA'S BIRTHDAY Y'ALL!!! We are so excited that we had to invite a special guest, her BFF from the womb, Kelli Hancock!

The following statements are the only explanation for this episode:

  • Polar bears are fierce
  • The internet almost ruined Kenya's art
  • Kelli and Kenya may or may not have broken someone out of the hospital on multiple occasions
  • Nina has words...somewhere, kind of, maybe
  • We question the sanity of people without friends

Oh, yeah, we are all famous. We are only 2-4 degrees removed from Lin Manuel-Miranda. Also, Ava DuVernay likes Nina's tweets sometimes, so she feels fancy. 

Shameless plug for Kelli...she going to be on the first 3 episodes of the new season of Shameless! Go Kelli, its your its Kenya's but party like its your birthday! 


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