February 16, 2018

24 We Baaaqqq!!!

***UPDATE*** Nina made a nerd mistake, had a slip of the tongue, so before y'all come for me (clears throat) Vibranium is the element in Wakanda, and part of Cap's Shield, Adementium is what is in Wolverine's Skeleton. I KNOW! How could I? I was just so excited. Go lay down. WAKANDA FOREVER!!!!


We missed y'all! We are all over the pl -- WAKANDA FOREVER -- may be shouted at random moments throughout this episode. We sing songs. We twerk. We talk about acting and dance. Nina met GregAlan Williams. Kenya's baby got into a summer intensive with the Dance Theatre of Harlem. WAKANDA FOREVER. We have Alchemist moments. Nina explains "malapropism" as Kenya says words. 


Oh yeah its Mardi Gras too


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Some History to prep you for BLACK PANTHER:



For those who are planning on seeing Black Panther but don't know the storyline or do know the storyline and want a trip down memory lane with the comic books. #rp

1) The Black Panther character was introduced in The Arrival. in Fantastic Four (April 1966) #52. 

T' Challa's first appearance! 

The Fantastic Four head to Wakanda, the African nation where Black Panther is king.

The Black Panther Party for Self Defense was founded in October 1966.

2) The title of #BlackPanther is a ceremonial one. It’s hereditary. All monarchs of Wakanda are known as the Black Panther. King T’Challa is the current Black Panther.

3) Black Panther is the first black super hero in “mainstream” comics.

4) T’Challa has a PhD in Physics from Oxford University. His nemesis in the film Erik Killmonger (M. B. Jordan) has his PhD in Engineering from MIT.

5) T’Challa was married to Storm (marriage was annulled after 6 years) In an alternate timeline they had a son named Azari.

6) Due to a meteorite crash in Wakanda, the country has a rare mineral resource called vibranium (Captain America’s shield is a mix of vibranium and steel)

7) Wakanda is the most technologically advanced country on earth and it has never been colonized by any European nation.

8 The Dora Milaje are the elite warrior women who protect Black Panther. They are also known as the Adored Ones/Midnight Angels.

9) Black Panther is faster than Wolverine and Captain America, he can run up to 50 MPH.

10) Black Panther is immune from all diseases, he is the richest man in the Marvel universe, his suit is bulletproof, and his superpowers include hearing, sight, smell, and strength.

Major shout to my Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Bro. Kamasi Hill for putting this amazing Black Panther history together.

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