October 22, 2017

15 Art as Self Care Part Deux

80 degrees to 50 degrees in 2.5 seconds. Welcome to Cleveland. We want warm bread, but "Hips and children do not lie." Nina does not have time for her feelings today. Kenya is #Lit. We saw a commercial on TV. You have to listen to find out what it is (LOL) We remind ourselves of our tools. Nina tries not to speak in hyperbole. Its hard. Kenya helps her get her life together. We channel our inner ThinkingEmoji. We also want a mocha-frappa-venti-whipped-caramel-choco something or other. And pasta, but GOALZ. To Do lists don't work for us anymore… Nina bangs the table. LOL! We learn about Google Rabbit Holes. Everyone needs a nap.

These are the LINKS: 

Black Women Who Plan & Create: https://www.bwwpc.org/

This week's musical inspiration: "Amel Larrieux-Infinite Possibilities

This week's visual inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/bicocacolors/

A couple articles about finding inspiration:



A little movement: [Just Dance 3] Boom - Reggaeton Storm

A bedtime story: Just Go To Bed by Mercer Mayer | STORY TIME | Babies and Kids Channel

Passion Planner:http://www.passionplanner.com/

Some tips to finish the year strong:

  1. Remind yourself of your tools, and grab one you don't usually grab
  2. Read/watch a biography, article, or video of a person who inspires you.
  3. Look at something pretty
  4. Rely on your squad for help
  5. Twerk something! (this will ALWAYS be a tip!) if you can't twerk, just move
  6. GO TO BED (No seriously, rest)


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