October 13, 2017

14 Crisis or Naw?

"Possibility creates pressure" We have to consult with mutha Oprah.


In honor of #WorldMentalHealthDay & #WOCAffirmation Day, we get real. Kenya got 99 problems, and Nina is one! LOL! We create choreography. We read some quotes. We spill some tea. Women have mid-life crisis too. Kenya thinks men use it as an excuse. (Where's the knife?) GenX Women are going through it y'all! Why all these young bucks getting our money? Why do we have so much rage? We decided to drink tea instead of wine…but you can't tell.




Here's the tea, honey:



Here's the article:

http://www.oprah.com/sp/new-midlife-crisis.html Check it out, its worth the read.



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