September 29, 2017

12 Not So Simple

Kenya is going to learn pole dancing. Corlesia can't choose a favorite song, and says, "My turn!" Mariama teaches us to rest and reminisces about pizza for breakfast & all of our rooms are a hot mess. Nina says now she knows Ava, Lin, Oprah, Lauryn Hill AND Bob Marley. Kenya faints and falls out.

Interview with Ms. Mariama Whyte and Ms. Corlesia Smith of the cast of "Simply Simone" onstage at Karamu House, Inc. now through October 8th.

Karamu House SIMPLY SIMONE Teaser


Mariama's Music:

The song at the end of the end of the episode is Find Your Light:

The PBS Documentary we mention is actually titled: Free to Dance, and it was  a part of the Great Performances Series:Free to dance PBS

Upstairs the Web Series:



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